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Fun tips on AWS Cloud Computing


This is a series of Fun tips on Cloud Computing which will be basic for someone who wants to understand Cloud Computing.

  1. Part 1 - Regions, Availability Zones and Edge Points
  2. Part 2 - Cloud Computing Model
  3. Part 3 - Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud
  4. Part 4 Instances
  5. Part 5 - SLA – Service level agreement for SaaS
  6. Part 6 – Purchase options for Instances
  7. Part 7 – Multi-tenancy
  8. Part 8 – Compliances
  9. Part 9 – Cloud Storage
  10. Part 10 – Multicloud
  11. Part 11 – Cloud native
  12. Part 12 – EC2 – Elastic Cloud Computing
  13. Part 13 – Cloud Virtualization
  14. Part 14 – Hypervisors
  15. Part 15 – Compute and Networking Services Series
  16. Part 16 – AWS storage and content delivery

How to fix SD card won't format error

Method 1. Run diskpart to format SD card that won't format

Step 1. Press Windows key and R key at the same time, type cmd in the Run box, hit Enter to open command prompt(cmd.exe).
Step 2. Type diskpart to run Diskpart Utility.
Step 3. Type list disk to list the drives on the computer.
Step 4. Type select disk 1 (The number should be replaced by the exact drive number of your SD card).
Step 5. Type clean to run the clean utility (this will wipe all data on the SD card so make sure you saved a copy or backup of the card data).
Step 6. Type create partition primary to create a new partition on the SD card.
Step 7. Type select partition 1 (it should be the newly created partition on step 6).
Step 8. Type active to make the partition active.
Step 9. Type format fs=ntfs (or format fs=fat32)to format the partition to the desired file system.


Part 2: Fix SanDisk SD card won’t format error

#1. Run CHKDSK to fix won’t format SanDisk SD card error

  • Right-click on Start to selectCommand Prompt (Admin) or click Start and type: cmd > click exe to bring up Command Prompt
  • Sign in as an administrator and type: chkdsk E: /f /r and hit Enter; (Replace E: with the drive letter of SanDisk SD card)
  • Exit CMD and enter Disk Management tool, find SD card, right-click on it and select Format volume
  • Reset file system and drive number of the SD card, click OK to confirm the format

#2. Run DiskPart to fix SanDisk Card won’t format error

  • Open Command Prompt by right-clicking Start >Command Prompt (Admin) or search cmd from Start
  • Type: diskpart to bring up DiskPart utility
  • Type: list disk and hit Enter
  • Type: select disk 1and hit Enter (Replace with the drive number of your SD card)
  • Type: clean and hit Enter
  • Type: create partition primary and hit Enter
  • Type: select disk 1and hit Enter (Replace 1 with the drive number of SD card)
  • Type: active to make the SD card partition activate
  • Type:format fs = NTFS or format fs = fat32 and hit Enter
  • Type:assign letter = F
  • After this, type exit to finish the process

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